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Our Roots

Flowers & Moondust is an African wholistic wellness company that brings you high quality African health + beauty products. We recenter the power of African traditional healing practices as a way of life through superfoods, natural beauty products and wellness retreats. Our Motherland, Africa, is abundant in indigenous healing knowledge. It’s time to return to our roots. It’s time to heal.


Our line

Thoughtfully handmade in small batches, our products are 100% natural, plant-based, locally made, sustainable and eco-friendly. We work hand in hand with local African artisans to economically empower our African families. We believe everyone deserves high quality products that promote good health and positive well-being. Our hope is that you reimagine African traditional healing practices and incorporate Flowers & Moondust into your wellness routine.


our mission

We aim to provide a 360 approach to wellness through african powered healing.